Avoiding Christmas craziness: Your best ever December starts in November

Here are my best tips for making the run into the end of the year as chilled as possible. If you’re reading this in November, great, because that’s what’s going to give maximum ability to set up your December!

Major shopping centers are not fun places to hang out in the last month of the year which is why I spend November setting things up so I never have to go near one. Can you achieve this too? Sure you can. Here’s how:

Do all your Christmas shopping in November.

Yes, that’s right now. This current month. Most people are denial about Christmas in November which is why it’s perfect present buying time. 

So make your list, make some notes about what you might like to get each person, and then hit the shops with a plan of attack. There is no reason why you can’t knock off your entire list in one afternoon with this approach.

If you find yourself particularly stuck with certain people – buy them a gift certificate so they can take advantage of the great discounts in the after-Christmas sales. Or buy them an experience like movie tickets/concert.

And keep in mind you don’t HAVE to buy your Christmas presents from a major retailer. Why not buy online from a small businesses? That way, you don’t have to go to the shops at all!

W Candle Company

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? 
Free gift wrapping on all oversized candles 🎁
Free personal gift message 💙
Free shipping on all orders over $99 📦
15% off your first purchase 💲
5% of profits are donated to WaterAid 💧
Eco-friendly packaging ♻️
So many great scents to choose from 🕯️
Shop with a Purpose
I also enjoy shopping from brands that give back to charity. Some of my favorite shops are:
  1. Handbags: https://feedprojects.com/pages/about
  2. Shoes: https://www.toms.com/us/impact.html
  3. Beach Towels + More: https://www.sandcloud.com/pages/our-mission/?sid=bi%7C5fdacac1f41f58109d069cc8%7C1635800033443v67sgi8n&utm_source=cj&cjevent=ece74a0e3b5d11ec81eb03550a82b838
  4. Socks + More: https://bombas.com/pages/about-us
  5. Home Decor + More: https://www.market.unicefusa.org/
  6. Recipe Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0871LJG1X?linkCode=ogi&tag=oprah-auto-20&ascsubtag=[artid|10072.g.25223818[src|[ch|[lt|
  7. Toys: https://cuddleandkind.com/pages/1-doll-10-meals
  8. Backpacks: https://statebags.com/pages/about
  9. Wine: https://www.onehopewine.com/impact
  10. Drinkware: https://corkcicle.com/pages/charity-water

Give the Gift of Hope

Since 1981, WaterAid has reached 28 million people with clean water.


Timing is everything

And don’t wait too long. If you wait until Black Friday to start your holiday shopping, you will have missed half the fun, not to mention half the merchandise.

We’ve reached the holiday shopping season! November 1 is the day we celebrate the retail equinox.